Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Vice President & Prime Minister of U.A.E and Ruler of Dubai
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Cancellation Policy

Application for and Allocation of Space

An intending exhibitor is invited to select his site from the floor plan and make formal application on the appropriate form. The allocation and each such application will be confirmed by the Organizers by letter or facsimile.

In the event of an Exhibitor giving written notice at any time prior to the Exhibition of his intention not to take possession of the space allocated to him or in the event of his failing to take possession of such space by noon on the day prior to the opening of the Exhibition, the Organizers may deal with such space as in it’s absolute discretion thinks fit without being under any liability to refund or abate any changes paid or due hereunder. Further in the event of an Exhibitor ceasing to hold the qualifications on the basis of which an allocation of space was made to him or in the event of the Organizers not being reasonably satisfied of the Exhibitor’s intention adequately to occupy the allocated space with approved exhibits the Organizers may in its absolute discretion deal with such space as it thinks fit without being under any liability to refund or abate any charges paid or due hereunder.

The organizers reserve the right to alert the layout of the Exhibition in any respect and at any time. The Organizers will adjust the cost of the space of any one or more Exhibitors whose stand area is affected by such an alternation but will not be liable to make any further payment or compensation and the Exhibitors will not be entitled to withdraw from their contracts.


A contracted exhibitor or sponsor requesting to cancel participation for any reason shall be liable to the following cancellation charges:

If cancelled before April 2020 ................................................ 50% of total cost

Cancellation between April 2020 and July 2020 .................... 75% of total cost

Cancellation from August 2020 onwards ............................. 100% of total cost

Limitation of Liability

The Organizers shall not be responsible under any circumstances to any Exhibitor for the acts conduct or omissions of any other Exhibitor or any other persons whether it’s servants or otherwise nor for the consequences of any breach by an Exhibitor of any of these Terms and Conditions. Every article exhibited will be at the sole risk and responsibility of the Exhibitor and the Organizer will not be responsible for loss or damage to or the safety of any property or of any injury to any Exhibitor or his servants agents under any circumstances whatever whether by reason of fire, water, theft, accident or any other cause including the erection, maintenance or dismantling of stands or otherwise.

Each Exhibitor herby indemnifies the Organizers and will keep them indemnified against any liability, claim, demand, costs, charges or expenses arising as result of any act, omission, negligence or things done or omitted by such Exhibitor or any license of such Exhibitor or any other person or persons under the direction of the Exhibitor and the Exhibitor will arrange insurance in the joint names of the Exhibitor and the Organizers against all risk for which he responsible under these Conditions and will, if so required, produce to the Organizers particulars of such insurance policy and evidence of the payments of the premium.

Force Majeure

In the event of the Exhibition premises or any part or stand thereof or any facility or service appertaining to being unavailable as a result of fire, flood, tempest or any other cause as a result of government intervention, strike, lockout, labor dispute, riot or any other case or agency over which the Organizers have no control, or should the Organizer decide that owing to any such cause or agency it is necessary or advisable to cancel, postpone or re site the Exhibition, the Organizers shall not be liable to indemnify or reimburse the Exhibitor in respect of any damage or loss, direct or indirect arising as a result thereof.

Service Manual

A service manual giving information, guidance and direction to Exhibitors, designers and contractors will be issued in good time. All mandatory directions contained therein must be observed except where otherwise agreed by the Organizers in writing.


Any claim and disputes in relation to this contract shall be settled in Dubai in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates.